For the majority of us, Christmas Day implies hanging out with an entire group of boring relatives alternating between eating, drinking and resting. In any case, it’s somewhat unique when you’re the sort of individual who may expect a casual visit from Hollywood sovereignty. These are stars from Hollywood were seen enjoying each others company on Christmas day.

Rivals For Decades


Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were famous rivals in the 90s, both battling to rock Hollywood at their early stage of acting.

Confession By Sylvester Stallone


As indicated by the Guardian, Sylvester Stallone admitted that he held a ‘violent hatred’ for rival action film star Arnold Schwarzenegger during their 1980s prime.

Things Have Changed


Sylvester Stallone posted a snap on Instagram of him and Arnie enjoying Christmas Day together, appearing as though they were having the best time together.

Instagram Post


The caption read: “Well look who drop by on Christmas! @schwarzenegger dependably fills the stay with positive vitality!”

Stallone Stole the Attention


Stallone got noticed on Instagram when he posted a photograph of him and Lundgren, saying: “Shooting a commercial with Dolph today. Preparing for working with the enormous man in CREED 2.”

Creed Sequel


The two will repeat their famous roles for the sequel of Creed – which is intended to be our age’s Rocky. In any case, not exclusively will they remain in sidelines, giving a shout out to their particular contenders, they’ll really get a shot at each other also.

The Release Date


The film is expected to be released in mid-November one year from now, and fans are as yet trying to work out what it will be about. The outline online is entirely evident, however doesn’t give excessively away: “Adonis Creed tries to look for exact retribution when he runs toe to toe with the man who slaughtered his dad.”

Walk To The Boxing Day


Meanwhile, we’re pondering which renowned mate Sly may go on a Boxing Day stroll with? Ideally one with the dogs, since strolls are constantly better with two or three dogs.