10 Amazing Facts About The Mad Titan ‘Thanos’ That You Should Know Before You Enter The Theater 

“In time you will know what it’s like to lose, The End is Here.” as said in the trailer the end is here, it has been 10 years since Marvel Studios are building up the Thanos. Avengers Infinity War is currently the most awaited movie of the decade and people are completely eager to watch the movie. But before you enter the theater you should know something about The Mad Titan Thanos. Here are 10 amazing facts about the mad titan ‘Thanos’ that you should know before you enter the theater.

#10 Thanos’ family tried to kill him


Thanos was born in the Deviant a monster by the appearance and due to which his family tried to kill him as soon he was born but he was saved by his father.

#9 Killed his family



Thanos was very great at studies actually brilliant but because of his appearance, he was not welcome to play with anyone which drove him down the wrong path. Thanos found about his mother trying to kill him and therefore he killed his parents.

#8 Thanos’ brother was a member of Avenger


Not everyone knows this but Thanos brother Starfox was once a member of avenger before he was accused of sexual allegations by a married woman.

#7 Gather all the Infinity Stones Once


In the upcoming movie, Avenger Infinity War Thanos is going to collect all the infinity stones. In comic, he actually gathered all the infinity stones once. Stay tuned to know about Thanos on the next page…