New Year’s Eve is quickly drawing closer and you will need to find the ideal place to share this amazing time with your friends and family. There are such huge numbers of awesome places on the planet to visit for this festival. So we are listing few places for your perfect New years eve. Read the article to know the places and specialities avaailable in the cities.

1. New York City, New York


Well over a million people tend to visit the Times Square for this popular yearly party. You will end up tallying during the time to midnight while a tremendous 12-foot sparkling ball is slowly dropped down from a flagpole on the Times Square building and over a huge amount of confetti is dropped onto party-goers.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland


Thousands arrive here for the yearly Hoganay festivity, which means a festival of the last day of the year. You can hope to see world-popular music acts and traditional ceilidh moving all through the lanes. A fantastic firecrackers show is set off at midnight and the party at that point continues for the whole night.

3. Sydney, Australia


Numerous events surround this festival. You can hope to see indigenous smoking celebrations, elevated flyovers complete with messages in the sky, mini-light shows, really colossal and terrific firecrackers appear and a lit boat parade.

4. South Lake Tahoe, California


The Snow Globe Music Festival is viewed as a standout amongst other spots to see an extraordinary blend of EDM artists on New Year’s Eve. You can dance and party throughout the night, yet this occasion offers something more. Participants are given lift tickets so they may spend the whole day skiing.

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5. Paris, France


At the Eiffel Tower, you will see a genuinely dynamite light show and firecrackers show. But most every one of the lanes of Paris wakes up with crowds of individuals celebrating, making the rounds of bars and clubs and having an awesome time with firecrackers and loads of champagne. Romantic New Year’s Eve boat travels along the Seine are likewise offered for the individuals who wish for a little privacy for their festival.

6. London, England


Over 250,000 visitors crowd onto the banks of the Thames River and begin the countdown to Big Ben striking the hour of midnight when an elaborate light show and fireworks display take off. It includes the next day with a three-hour parade complete with marching bands, colorful floats, costumed dancers and a fine procession of the Queen’s horses.

7. Vienna, Austria


Those wanting a to some degree more cultured festival ought to enjoy a visit here. Noble balls, traditional music shows and a part of the world’s best orchestras are offered on New Year’s Eve and a champagne early lunch the next day.

8. Miami, Florida


You can expect to find celebrations of all types all over this city. You might like to head over to South Beach for a good old-fashioned all-night dance-a-thon. A family-friendly event is Miami’s answer to New York’s famous ball drop which is a 35-foot neon “Big Orange” which descends from the Inter-Continental Miami.

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9. Las Vegas, Nevada


Always the party town, more than 300,000 guests appear here to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Starting at 6 p.m., the popular four-mile-long Strip is closed to vehicle traffic and opened up to the individuals who wish to celebrate by walking around, drinking, mingling and viewing different firecrackers being shot off from surrounding rooftops.

10. Hawaii


Enjoy the fantastic firecrackers show decorating the lovely waters. The majority of the shoreline sidebars and clubs will have special activities made arrangements for the festival including themed evenings and contests. Open air music shows and cruise travels will be offered in the little hours of the night too.