10 Auto-correct Fail Texts That Have Destroyed Many Lives!

Mistakes are often made by humans, well, that's why we call it a mistake. Mistakes are also on many levels there are some mistakes that are not that serious or major where the person can be forgiven, but there are some mistakes which might destroy your life completely. Hilarious as it may sound, have you ever had an autocorrect fail? Well, if you haven't, then you should read these 10 autocorrect text fails that have destroyed many lives. Read the article to know more...

Wow, that rarely happens to anyone!


When you get an invitation like this one, it would be a wise decision to grab the deal before she corrects her mistakes!

One auto-correct just ruined 2 innocent lives!


Remember, when we talked about how one simple autocorrect can ruin lives, well this conversation just proved it right.


Never bring Dough or drugs for Christmas!


After reading this I would keep in mind never to bring drugs or my friend Dough at home for Christmas, just trying to avoid any such confrontation!