10 Autocorrect Fails That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Are Not In The Mood

Sending Text message was invented by a British engineer named Neil Papworth about 20 years ago. During that time who would have thought it will become one of the most important things. Today many things are possible by just sending a text message has even replaced the majority of phone calls. But with text message comes autocorrect fail which tends to be helpful but some time does the total opposite thing and embarrasses you. Here are 10 autocorrect fail that will make you laugh even if you are not in the mood.

#10 Smoke Break


Getting a message at work when you have a craving for a puff will definitely shock you. And how can autocorrect change the word carbs to cannabis?

#9 Can I Pay The Sitter



This is definitely the best way to give your wife a heart attack. When she is home either you will be laughing or she would be kicking your A.

#8 Say Goodbye To Mama


Send a message that might give a hint that you are going to suicide will definitely send your children into depression. Even if autocorrect is on please check your message before you send.

#7 Brother’s Shouldn’t Be So Close


I have to know how did the kid get a silly string in his eyes and how did autocorrect change a silly string to semen. Stay tuned for more on the next page…