10 Awesome Things You Must Do Before You Die

#6 Fight A Wine Battle In Spain


You may know about the Pamplona races or the Tomatino celebration of Spain. However, the town of La Rioja has an interesting clash of red wine once per year. More than 25,000 liters of wine is squirted or hosed on the warring sides of Haro and Miranda de Ebro. Definitely once in a lifetime experience.

#5 Follow The Bourbon Trail In The USA


Kentucky is the home of the soul of Bourbon, and there is a Bourbon Trail that takes you through the moving slopes of Central Kentucky. The trail goes through various memorable towns and old refineries. Simply ensure that all that tasting doesn’t go to your head.


#4 Visit The Pyramids At Giza


The Egyptians are one of the world’s most established civilization establishments. The Pyramids at Giza are a case highly advanced scientific and engineering skills they had in those days. Definitely should visit once. The list is not over yet turn to next page for more.