10 Belly-Busting Food Challenges For People With Steel Stomachs

Even if you have a stomach of steel, completing any one of these food challenges probably isn’t the safest.

9. Pancakes


This pancake house is willing to give you a free t-shirt, your money back, and a cool coffee mug, if you eat The Grand Slam: a 25-inch pancake with 10 scrambled eggs, four ingredients you choose, a cup of cheese and two cups of potatoes. Oh yeah, and you only have 45 minutes.

10. Some space for dessert


And for dessert, let’s have a sundae served in an actual kitchen sink! It has 3 sliced bananas, 8 scoops of any ice cream you choose, 8 servings of toppings, a crap-ton of whipped cream, and some toasted almonds and cherries on top. To get free ice-cream for a whole year, all you gotta do is sink it in under 20 minutes.