It always seems like a good idea to curl your hair for a night out. Well, that is until you reach the middle point and you realize you want to throw your curling iron in the garbage. But curling your hair doesn’t have to be a disaster every time! Here are some tips on how to curl your hair properly.

1. You don’t research hot tools


It’s always easier to buy the cheaper curling iron, but you just have to do your research first! Some curling irons won’t distribute the heat evenly, and that can damage your hair.

2. You aren’t protecting your hair


Yes, it’s another step to the hair routine, but it’s 100% worth it. Make sure to buy a heat protectant spray to reduce the damage the heat does to your hair!

3. You’re curling your hair when it’s too wet


You might be in a rush, but seriously, don’t do this! Heat styling your hair when it’s wet will only cause further damage. It can cause breakage and split ends.

4. You’re clamping the ends

For a more natural look that screams “I’m basically like the Victoria’s Secret Angels,” leave an inch or two off from the curling iron.

5. You’re curling your hair in the wrong direction

When it comes to the front pieces of your hair, make sure to always curl them away from your face.

6. Mix up the direction of your curls

Create defined curls by switching up the direction of your curls. Alternate between having them go toward your face and away from your face.

7. You’re not brushing out your curls after


Remember that funny meme that guys on the internet couldn’t understand? Make sure to brush those ringlets out for nice and loose beachy waves.

8. Beware of the heat setting


If you have finer hair, you can stick to a low heat setting (below 200 degrees), and if you have thicker hair, you can go to 200–300 degrees. Don’t burn your hair off!

9. Don’t always assume that the bigger curling wand means beachier waves

If you use a curling wand that’s too big for your hair length, it’s going to be hard to use.

10. You’re holding your hair against the curling iron for too long


You run the risk of burning your hair off if you leave it on the curling iron for too long. A good rule of thumb is 10 seconds.