10 Body Language Signs Hints To Tell Your Crush Is Totally Into You

A lot of us have gone through the phase of crushing over someone. It’s the phase of having butterflies the first time you talk, breaking the ice and keeping an eye on to their activities. The most important part is to know if that person is into you or not. Here we’ll talk about the heavenly feeling when you look at your crush and they are looking back at you. Sometimes these infatuations can leave you daydreaming or be listening to songs remembering them. Here are some body languages that tell they are into you.

1. Random eye contacts


Long eye contacts can tell you if that person is seriously interested in you or not. A test here can be if the person holds on to the gaze. They are surely interested in you.

2. Shoulder rolls or shrugs



After eye contact thing, shoulders are really important and can convey a lot. Rolling or shrugging of shoulders is a sign that they are interested in talking to you.

3. Imitating


Imitating can be really annoying sometimes when you see someone doing it. If at all you crush does it you don’t feel bad about it and end up liking it. You love more attention from them as compared to others.

4. A touch of the arms or hair


You are busy chit-chatting with your crush and the person gives a gentle touch on your arms, it means they are really into that conversation. Click next for more facts.