10 Brave Bullied Women Who Will Tell You The Real Meaning Of The Word ‘Beautiful’

Beauty is defined purely by outer looks from ages. We live in an era which has advanced in almost all sectors but unfortunately still believes that beauty is just the outer layers of skin which are attractive. However, we should realize that the 36-24-36 stats are just vital stats and that the inner beauty is the true beauty. Here is a list of 10 women who prove a strong example that outer beauty is not everything and that fighter spirit and self-confidence always wins.

#10 Ilka Bruhl


Illka Bruhl was born with ectodermal dysplasia and she was never viewed as beautiful. It is an uncommon genetic issue but that has not broken her soul, truth be told, strengthened her.

#9 Sophia Hadjipanteli



Sophia Hadjipanteli has been the forebearer of the rare look of unibrows. She is a model from Cyprus and has possessed the capacity to attract a considerable measure of designers with her looks.

#8 Swantje Paulina


This lovely inside out babe has more than 200,000 Instagram supporters and is super pleased with her spots, not at all like a lot of others. In a time when spots were viewed as less attractive, this wonderful girl is rocking the look.

#7 Dru Presta


Dru Presta had never been viewed as charming due to her height. She is just 3 feet 4 inches tall and 21-year-old. Despite her height, she has managed to become an American model. Stay tuned to see more on next page…