10 Chicken Wire DIYs Are Ready To Decorate Your Home

Have you at any point thought about utilizing chicken wire to design your home? The answer is probably no. But few individuals consider utilizing chicken wire for designing purposes. These DIYs will motivate you to start considering it! Chicken wire can make a big change for decorating your home and garden. These artworks can be easily designed. This will save your money and will make your home look better. The best part is that these DIYs truly inspire your guests and will have them talking for months to come!

5. Create a floral decoration


By using chicken wire and flowers, you can design wall and door with floral designs. A unique way to decorate your houses’ walls and doors.

6. Cover a jar with chicken wire


By wrapping a mason jar with chicken wire, you can make an awesome decorating piece! Place a flame or fill it with stones or seashells!


7. Make your own pendant lights


Cut the cost of those costly pendant lights and make your own at home utilizing chicken wire! A delightful DIY for your home.

8. Build a chicken wire centerpiece


Make an eye-catching centerpiece for your kitchen or lounge area out of chicken wire. All you require is chicken wire, wood, wood glue, and anything you want to fill it with! You can likewise paint the wood to customize the shading. Click on the next page to know more.