10 Close Instances Where People Unreally Avoided Major Disasters

Have you ever had a near-death experience? Have you ever been in such a dangerous situation where for a moment your entire life flashed in front of your eyes but miraculously you somehow escaped the dangerous situation? If you haven't then you should know that there have been people who have been in such situations and have lived it through to tell us their story. Here we have 10 such shocking incidents that will get your skin crawling, read the article to know more...

When the most interesting man in the world is on the other end of the call.


I wonder how important the phone call is, his conversation be like, “I don’t know when I’ll come back home but” *jumps over a motorbike that almost killed him* “what else do you want from the supermarket?”

When you have a recovery skill of 100000…


When your recovery skills are smooth as hell while talking to a girl and you get the feeling of being rejected.


That would have been CATastrophic!


A purrrfect camouflage, this kitty needs a bright collar, it took me a while to see the cat HAHAHA… that wouldn’t be an “almost” for me in there. See more funny close moments on Next Page…