10 Close Instances Where People Unreally Avoided Major Disasters

Have you ever had a near-death experience? Have you ever been in such a dangerous situation where for a moment your entire life flashed in front of your eyes but miraculously you somehow escaped the dangerous situation? If you haven't then you should know that there have been people who have been in such situations and have lived it through to tell us their story. Here we have 10 such shocking incidents that will get your skin crawling, read the article to know more...

What if the “ignore previous cookie” was the first cookie you opened?


When Satan calls your number, but Jesus has got your back and says “Hold up bro; chill I got this one covered up.”

Rejected by Shark, accepted by Life!


Actually, sharks would rather eat fish than human, so they basically just take a bite to be like “Nah this isn’t a fish” Moral of the story: stay skinny, sharks won’t eat you!


Watching it and still getting a heart attack


This is what happens when you equip tiny, unformed brains with wheels. They run fast enough without them!