10 Clothing Fails That Described Creativity Of People Hilariously

Description: I am sure you double checked yourself in the mirror this time. Need not worry it is good in a way that you that you are not creative. Jokes apart it takes a lot of courage to try a weird fashion trend and not become a meme after. None the less if you are a famous celeb you need not worry about those jokes because they ultimately give you fame. However, if you are a regular like me make sure your creativeness while dressing does not go wrong and you don’t land up yourself in a list of memes. Here is a funny list of pictures that portray people’s clothing fails.

# Hairy Mess


Is it really a type of clothing or she is just too much obsessed with her hair. Well she seems to have combined her obsession for clothes as well hair. Creative eh!!

# Kitty



As Sheldon says ” Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur”, seems he took the kitty fever too far. This will surely become a new trend in jumpsuits.

# Pockets


I am wondering what is the need for pockets in those pants. Seems it just portrays a pocket obsession gone wrong.

# All Wrong


He took the meaning of keep yourself warm totally in the literal sense. He is surely giving us new winter goals or either he is short of clothes or looking for some new fashion. Turn next for more clothing fails.