10 Confusing Photos Of People Who Do Not Care About The World

We all have come across some unusual or impractical things in our life some might have been lucky enough to see them or experience them. People often tend to find the solution to a problem and sometimes the solutions are totally unexpected that we end up baffled. Here are some top 10 risky yet confusing things done by people.

#10 Safe pool party.


These guys took the pool party to totally next level. It’s hard to understand whether they made this decision before drinks or after drinks. On splash of water and you are done.

#9 Really! so dumb.



We always see this happening somewhere or the other. Are you setting that car on fire?

#8 Time is important.


This guy took office meeting to the next level. Who wants to waste time traveling when one can do his team meetings on a subway. He got a desk too.

#7 Need a bigger television Grandma?


She definitely needs a bigger television. Looks like she is having a hard time watching soap opera with her binoculars. Find more on Next Page.