10 Countries You Couldn’t Think Of Invading

These rankings will not be made solely on each country’s firepower or active personnel, but also on other criteria which will be considered as an advantage in their overall defense. Read the article to know the top 10 countries.

8. Tuvalu, New Zealand, Iceland and Bhutan

All four of these nations fall within this category, not because they are heavily defended, or because of their armed forces, but because of their isolation and lack of any strategic or economic importance for a potential invader. Only New Zealand and Bhutan have any armies, of roughly 9,000 and 6,000 active personnel, respectively. New Zealand, even though it’s a developed nation, is not involved in any conflicts around the world, earning it the number four spot on the Global Peace Index in 2015.

7. Japan

Tanks: 777, Artillery: 839
Air Fighters: 289, Helicopters: 741
Naval Strength: 131 (Submarines: 17, Carriers: 3)

Their national barrier spending plan alone is some place around $49 billion, the 6th most noteworthy on the planet. Japan has an aggregate populace of more than 126 million, and somewhere in the range of 1.2 million achieve military age every year.