10 Countries You Couldn’t Think Of Invading

These rankings will not be made solely on each country’s firepower or active personnel, but also on other criteria which will be considered as an advantage in their overall defense. Read the article to know the top 10 countries.

6. Iran

Active Personnel: 545,000, Reserve: 1,800,000
Tanks: 1,658, Artillery: 2,400
Air Fighters: 137, Helicopters: 140
Naval Strength: 398 (Submarines: 33)

While several of its neighbors have succumbed to the ravages of war, Iran is still a strong influence and stability factor in the region. For starters, Iran has a tremendously large army; the largest in the Middle East. Additionally, the nation is truly secured by mountains, ideal for disguised guarded offices and underground fortifications.

5. Canada

Active Personnel: 95,000, Reserve: 51,000
Tanks: 181, Artillery: 161
Air Fighters: 64, Helicopters: 175

Naval Strength: 63 (Submarines: 4)


Canada is the second largest country in terms of surface area after Russia, and equally as cold, located at the northern fringes of the world, Canada would be quite difficult to invade, even though most of its 35 million people live close to the border with the United States. But given its size and vast expanses of wilderness, taking over all of Canada by force could be problematic for anyone. Canada is also part of NATO.