10 Countries You Couldn’t Think Of Invading

These rankings will not be made solely on each country’s firepower or active personnel, but also on other criteria which will be considered as an advantage in their overall defense. Read the article to know the top 10 countries.

2. Russia

Active Personnel: 766,000, Reserves: 2,485,000
Tanks: 15,400, Artillery: 10,600
Air Fighters: 751, Helicopters: 1,750
Naval Strength: 352 (Submarines: 60, Aircraft Carriers: 1)
Nuclear Warheads: 7,300

Russia is an almost impossible country to conquer. Being the largest country in the world, with 6.6 million square miles, much of the country is made out of mountains and wilderness, perfect for hidden military bases and surprise attacks. Since 2008, the country’s annual military spending has increased by almost a third and is now at $66 billion. At present the country has the largest fleet of tanks in the world.

1. USA

Active Personnel: 1,400,000, Reserves: 1,100,000
Tanks: 8,850, Artillery: 3,300
Air Fighters: 2,300, Helicopters: 7,100
Naval Strength: 415 (Submarines: 75, Aircraft Carriers: 19)
Nuclear Warheads: 7,100

The truly vast expanses of the country and all the different types of terrain, from densely forested mountains to scorching deserts. Any attacking power would experience issues clutching these spots, paying little mind to who or what was shielding them. At whatever point there’s a contention on the planet, 9 times out of 10, the US is certain to be required in somehow. While Switzerland has an expected 45.7 weapons for every 100 occupants, the US has an incredible 112. That implies that there are a larger number of weapons than individuals.