10 Cruel And Honest Stories Of How People Got Dumped

Every famous relationship story that every person knows about has never had a happy ending. If you ask me there are very few relationships that are successful and have a happy ending, maybe relationships are not meant to have a happy ending. Here are some of the tweets of people that reveal the way they got dumped.

#10 Disney World For Nine Days


When you take a person to any place with all expenses paid you might definitely love him/her. But if they break up with you just after the trip don’t forget to ask for the money back.

#9 Future Planning



Thinking of the future at an age of 15, this girl has really got her entire life planned and seems she did not fit in the schedule.

#8 During My Middle School


Breaking up anyone like this is really harsh and maybe the worst breakup you might read. Kids are really mean at that age.

#7 One Dollar For Breakup


Well if you offer tons of money to someone to break up with their partner well they might consider. But breaking up for one dollar seems to have a very low bar. Click Next for more.