10 Cute Little And Creative Houses Will Brighten Your Day

Moving into and setting up your new home is definitely one of the most exciting things. You could use these homes as an inspiration to design your future home or is it just like you love checking out the weird ideas some people have, then read the article.

5. One-square-meter house


The littlest house on the planet was built by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, an engineer from Berlin. In spite of the fact that its zone is just 1 square meter, the house has a door, a window, and a chair. This tiny house weighs 40.8 kilos and even has its own wheels.

6. Eco-houses


Mike Basich, an excellent snowboarder, picked a small house (23 sq.m.) that he has worked in the mountains over a lavish mansion. He used just eco materials to make this comfortable building, and heat and light are given by solar cells.