10 Daily Things Which Can Get You Killed In North Korea

What's interesting to see here is, it isn't so much that North Korea is just treating the outsiders inadequately, however the greatest population of that nation is suffering too. Also, that too due to some entirely forced dumb laws which are put on individuals to keep them in charge.

7. No Apple Products


Sony and Apple have not set up their business in North Korea so if at all you are apple fan you cannot live in North Korea. On the other hand, the leader Kim Jong-Un can get anything he wants, Apple products are one of them.

8. Medical Treatment And Health Care


The state claims that they give free human services to the majority of its nationals; accordingly, individuals in North Korea are not permitted to claim social insurance designs. There’s a huge lack of meds, and a few cases have been accounted for in the past where specialists needed to do surgery without anaesthesia.