10 Daily Things Which Can Get You Killed In North Korea

What's interesting to see here is, it isn't so much that North Korea is just treating the outsiders inadequately, however the greatest population of that nation is suffering too. Also, that too due to some entirely forced dumb laws which are put on individuals to keep them in charge.

9. No Jeans


Truly, the reality of the matter is that you’re not permitted to purchase pants in North Korea. You won’t discover one in the neighbourhood advertises there. What’s in abundance in the western world can’t be found in North Korea.

10. Ban on cigarettes


The motivation behind why North Korean government restricted cigarettes is very strange. Their previous pioneer, Kim Jong – II was sensitive to cigarettes, and to spare him from uninvolved smoking, the legislature prohibited the item in the whole country. Presently when he is gone, the boycott is still there.