10 Dating Trends That Are Shockingly Weird

Dating has been the main talk of the town in recent years every now and then. It is the topic which has always caused vogue and has always caused a buzz. If you see these days dating and love are thick as thieves. Love has been left only as a superficial emotion and it’s not felt with the apt dignity and dedication. There are so many dating trends that keep making debut every season. Here are some of the dating trends which are really weird and ridiculous.

1. Morph Dating


In this type of dating two people wearing Spandex morph suits which covers their whole body try to talk with each other. It’s really easy to breathe, talk, see drink and kiss with these so that you talk on the bases of personality and not looks.

2. Prison Dating



There are criminals who are actually behind the bars and may not be the perfect date. There is a website which matches them with people from outside world.

3. Dating websites for cheaters


There are even websites that provide options for married men for a relationship outside their marriage. These are illegal but they still exist and have been on a surge.

4. Pheromone Dating


This one is really interesting where participants in a party submit a slept-in T-shirt. You have to choose your kind of love by sniffing. Click next.