10 Drunk People You Want As Your Friends

The best people can be drunk people when it comes to being a friend as they are way hilarious. As long as they don’t go, rogue, they are really a good company to be around. The things they will tell you or do for you will be from their heart and not fake. You must have seen people blabber when they are drunk and the shit is true AF. All that is there in their heart will come out in front of you. Here are some drunk people you want as your friends.

1. This guy who couldn’t find his girlfriend


People are so drunk that they don’t even realize who is sitting near them and they say you were not there last time when we had drinks.

2. This entrepreneur who successfully improvised his way home



Sometimes you can do things so weird when you are drunk that you have never imagined. Hope people want friends as crazy as you are.

3. These drunken geniuses who were definitely onto something


Holding these in the jar was meant for something. The drunk genius surely had something in his mind.

4. This PDA


How drunk people end up showing their love for people on the streets. You surely want yourself to be famous I think if you are associated with the person. Click next.