10 Epic Autocorrect Text Fails Bet You Can’t Get Over Without Laughing

Technology is one big boon to our human life, however sometimes it gets out of hand and we really can’t try and control it. It can create big blunders and ruin one’s life while sometimes it can get you totally laughing. Autocorrect is one such damn thing that screws us a lot of times. Sometimes the mistakes are worth handling and if they get out of hand they can surely ruin our lives forever. Well if you look at these funny, epic autocorrect moments we bet you will keep asking for more.

#10 Bet She Went Mad


Autocorrect knows it all eh! It really gets on nerves when it starts predictions from the first letter itself. I mean do you really read our minds or just try to mess with them?

#9 Christmas Would Have Got Merrier With This Joke



This surely let the imagination run wild with this thought. Wonder how hilarious the Christmas dinner would be.

#8 Church Service Is Gonna Be Hilarious The Next Day


Well would you imagine such words from the Church itself. We bet they are cursing autocorrect more than anything. Autocorrect can even get the Church.. Remember.

#7 Boogers!! EWWWW!!


That’s really gross. Hat’s off to the rumor. No one could think of anything like this. Kudos autocorrect. Turn Next for more texts.