10 Essential Life Hacks Every Girl Who Loves Fashion Must Know

In the present busy world, that means learning style easy routes that will save you time, cash, and trouble. With the easy routes ahead, you can analyze your time and energy on more important things, like how to snag a recent pair of sneakers or what to wear to work on the first day once you are back from season break. So whether you have a disturbing pair of high heels or an incredibly little storage room, we have got some clever solutions that we would like to share it with you.

1. How to never get a blister again


We have found another method to avoid shoe blisters. You just have to apply some clear gel deodorant on the area, it will dry and slip on your shoes. The deodorant will provide a barrier between your shoe and skin much better than a band-aid.

2. How to get your jeans to fit perfectly



Finding a perfect pair of jeans is a really hard task. There are things you can do to your jeans to make it a perfect fit. Submerge your jeans in warm water and submerge it completely with a weight leave it for an hour. Dry it later and try wearing it. It will mold itself according to your size.

3. How to prevent runs in your tights


Basically, splash your tights with a light layer of hairspray. This bonds the strands together, making your tights less inclined to get runs or obstacles.

4. How to untangle necklaces


Apply baby oil to the knot with a cotton swab. This will make the chains slippery and the knot will come undone less demanding when you pull on the chain. If the knot is still tight, delicately rub it to the point that you start to feel it loosen. Click next to read about more.