10 Extreme WrestleMania Matches That Made A Mark In WWE History

Finished with its 34th portion, WrestleMania guarantees more than one can uncontrollably or even remotely envision. Corridor of Famers making a rebound, headliners taking an overwhelming shape, inconceivable turns, getting a handle on storyline, group of onlookers going crazy and a million different occasions make it a broadly saw occasion. While WrestleMania 34 held entertainment in each and every second, there have been various events when the biggest wrestling occasion showcased historic battles.

#1 The Undertaker vs CM Punk WrestleMania – 29


CM Punk attempted his best to break The Dead Man by despoiling the late Paul Bearer’s urn, however, nothing made a difference.

#2 The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin WrestleMania – 19



It was a very hard match for Rock it took three tries to beat the Texas Rattlesnake. Rock tries his best and finally manage to keep his pride and legacy. Still, it was not an easy match for him it took three Rock Bottoms for him to defeat Stone Cold.

#3 Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker WrestleMania – 30


Undertakers had the longest 21 straight WrestleMania victories but he finally lost to Brock. It is said that Brock broke the agreement and went against the contract to beat Undertaker.

#4 Edge vs Mick Foley WrestleMania – 22


The match between Edge vs Mick Foley is definitely a very hardcore match hell the color of the stage changed from white to blood red. Mick later said: “Even as the referee counted three, and even as I was surrounded by this strange potpourri of charred hair, flesh and blood, I was very cognizant of the fact that this was my WrestleMania moment … Now, I didn’t need the word ‘legend’ in my nickname to be considered a legend, although it never hurts.” Stay tuned to see more hardcore historical match of WWE WrestleMania on the next page…