10 Facts About Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Hey there and today I will be discussing 10 facts about Momoshiki Otsutsuki! So without further ado lets begin!

3. Momoshiki has 9 Chakra Natures


Momoshiki possesses the following chakra natures: 1. Wind, 2. Lightning, 3. Earth, 4. Fire, 5. Water, 6. Yin, 7. Wood, 8. Lava, 9. Ice.

4. Momoshiki’s main ability is absorbing chakra


Using one of the many paths of the Rinnegan, Momoshiki’s main ability strides from absorbing chakra and deflecting it back at his opponent. We have seen this countless of times in the Boruto movie when he absorbs a tailed beast bomb from Killer Bee and the 8 tails and doubles its power by reflecting it right back at him.