10 Famous Actors Who Were Fired From Their Respective Films

Casting actors and actresses for playing an on-screen character isn’t a simple assignment. And frequently it is seen that a star is allowed to leave the film even after their choice for taking the specific part. Yet there is the time when the actors and actresses are fired from their job due to some reason and different celebrities are cast. Here is a list of 10 famous actors who were fired from their respective films.

#10 Pierce Brosnan


As we all know no James Bond Actor is forever and they change after few movies. Same things happened with Pierce Brosnan who was sacked over the phone call while he was shooting another movie.

#9 Melora Hardin



Melora Hardin was forgotten by the filmmaker before she appeared in any of the movies. The Actress and Eric Stoltz were cast in the movie, and later because of some reason Stoltz walked out, and Michael J. Fox was chosen to play his character.

#8 Tim Curry


The incredible performing artist was cast as the voice Joker in the popular, Batman: The Animated Series, however before even the airing of the first episode, he was compelled to leave the franchise due to his bronchitis.

#7 Terrence Howard


Terrence Howard who played the part of James Rhodes in the first part of the franchise was sacked. Terrence also blamed RDJ for not helping to save his joy. Stay tuned to know more on next page…