10 Famous Celebrity Myspace Accounts And How They Look Like?

Everyone has tried one or the other weird trend at least once in their lifetime and we all would agree it sounds really embarrassing now as we have all grown up. One of the epic examples is the Myspace account. Although we have now switched to different media’s like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and many others. Have you ever wondered how would a famous celebrity Myspace account look like? Well here is a list of famous celeb Myspace accounts which are really embarrassing as well as funny.

#10 Kendall Jenner


Having a Myspace in the old days was a big deal and people used to post lots of weird things and even Kendal Jenner did the same. Kendal Jenner’s Myspace account name was actually “horsegirl.”

#9 Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is not far away from her sister Kendall and other sisters her Myspace account name was ‘Kylie Rocks.’ And watching her picture back then would surely shock you.


#8 Lizzy Grant


Lana Del Rey during the time of Myspace account had her name, Lizzy Grant because that is her real name. It might be different than what people write on their account but her interests included Britney Spears, motorcycles, poison, and morphine.

#7 Kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian being who she is had her name on the Myspace account as  “Princess Kimberly” and her url was “kimsaprincess.”  Also, read her quote in the picture. Stay tuned for more on the next page…