10 Fitness Models Who Took Over Instagram In 2017

Social media has given fitness models an opportunity to motivate people who are planning to build their physique. They have a large number of followers, and it is really amazing to see how passionately they train. Much the same as guys, female fitness models have taken all over the Internet. They have been working really hard to post some wonderful photos of their bodies and tell the world how perfect diet, proper exercise, and mental dedication has helped them to accomplish this task. Here are some female fitness models who have inspired people in 2017 on Instagram.

1. Jennifer Nicole Lee (195K followers)


Jennifer isn’t just a fitness master but also a creator and motivational speaker. She is known for losing almost 70 pounds after giving birth to two kids.

2. Laura Michelle Prestin (130k followers)



Laura is a totally natural and fitness expert and furthermore a fitness coach. She motivates individuals by posting her exercise pictures routinely on her Instagram account.

3. Hannah Bronfman (423k followers)


Hannah Bronfman is almost everywhere where you can imagine. She is a DJ, a fitness model, co-founder of a beauty app called beautified and even an investor.

4. Tracy Anderson (357k followers)


She is famously known for her fitness teaching style called Tracy Anderson Method. She’s also a multi-platform fitness with many celebrity clients. Click next.