10 Flirty Text Messages That Were A Total Fail Attempt

The ascent of text messaging has completely changed the way we see romance and flirting. Things one used say to people’s faces would now be said using a message.Which has made people a little too brave when it comes saying certain things to impress someone. But some people fail to do so and end up getting a reply they were not hoping. Here are 10 flirty text messages that were a total fail attempt.



This is a great example of someone failing to impress. We wonder if this guy is going to get what he is looking for if he keeps going like this.




The is a perfect way to get someone totally excited and then totally make fun of them. The girl must have totally freaked the guy with this reply.



Well, looking at this the next time they talk they will be extra specific about what they want from the other person.



They guy was totally thinking he was going to win over the girl’s heart. But instead, she shot him down in an extremely spectacular fashion. Stay tuned to see funnier fail text messages on next page…