10 Food-Related Jokes That You Will Understand If You Are A Foodie

If you ask me the best thing to do along with anything is eating. There are few things you cannot do while chewing or drinking something. The probability of you eating along with reading this article is very high. Here are some food-related jokes that you will understand only if you are a foodie.

#10 Difference Between A Foodie And Their Friends


Well, don’t you think food babies are the best? Because you’re normally are not pregnant with them for nine months and it is only because you ate a whole lot of delicious stuff to get it.

#9 Movie Or Just Eating Popcorn



Eating popcorn while watching a movie is common and mandatory and happens to everyone. And if you ask me I just watch the movie to eat popcorn.

#8 Food Should Not Go To waste


Don’t know if I have the guts to do it but if anyone does this in a wedding in which I am present I would definitely give her my cake.

#7 Bible Verse


If it is in the bible then people should definitely follow it and try to make people around them follow the rule too. Stay tuned for more on the next page…