Here Are 10 Funniest And The Best Memes Of The Week!

The internet has an abundance of instances to crack you up. Many more memes keep coming up every day to add to the list. Sometimes a simple text makes up for a good laugh or some random picture which we took turns up into a sensation accidentally. There are many such instances and if you belong to the clan who loves to explore such memes we have combined all the new memes of the week to make you laugh more.

Is this for real?


Holy Mother Of Jesus! She does exist! Sarah Conner does exist, look out for terminators near you!

Fashion through generations!


Well, that’s how the generations have changed throughout the years. After a few years, you won’t even have to wear any pants, you be satisfied just by imagining it!


That awkward moment!


We all have been in that awkward moment where you are stuck in an elevator with random people with the elevator music playing in the background. It’s the same feeling you get while waiting for other players to join in a multiplayer game!