Scottish people have the funniest sayings in the world, here we have 10 funniest sayings of our choice that we think are the funniest. Read the article to know what these sayings are.

1. Trousers don’t fit…..

You would never hear a Scottish say “trousers don’t fit”…he asks “is the cat deid”! This is as funny as it can sound, you must have heard this somewhere surely.

2. Won’t apologies.

You being a Scottish would know that a Scottish would never say sorry for not paying attention.. instead he’ll say “haud ma chips a’v dropped the wean.”

3. Keep quiet!

A Scottish person will never tell you shut up… instead he will tell you to “haud yer wheesht!”

4. Like a dog.

A Scottish will never be polite to a person who is upset. Instead he’ll try to be funny and say “like a dug lickin pish aff a nettle.” Which might just cheer the person up.

5. He is hungry.

If a Scottish is hungry he will never tell you straight on your face, instead he will say “I could eat the scabby heid aff a wean”. This basically  means he is hungry.

6. I don’t believe you.

A Scot doesn’t say “I don’t believe you”…he’ll say “Aye right.”

7. If you offer your advice.

Alternatively he might tell you “dinnae teach yer Granny tae suck eggs!” if you offer your advice. Never give unnecessary advise to a Scottish guy.

8. When something goes wrong.

When something goes wrong a Scot will say “tatties o’wer the side.” (potatoes are over the side of the boat)

9. Unintelligent.

A Scot is not unintelligent…he “canny tell his arse from his elbow.” Which means a Scot is intelligent until he can tell the difference of his arse from his elbow.

10. Celebrates double-digit temperatures.

A Scot celebrates double-digit temperatures by shouting “Sun’s oot, Taps aff.” (the sun’s out, take your tops off)