10 Funny Posts That Only People Who Hate Getting Up In The Morning Will Understand

Let’s be realistic, getting up in the morning of the day is one of the hardest activities for the vast majority of us. Nobody needs to leave their delicate, comfortable, and warm bed just to get into a chilly shower. And afterward, there’s the long drive to work, also dealing with associates who despise mornings as much as you do. Here are 10 funny posts that only people who hate getting up in the morning will understand.



This college student slept in for his 9:40 AM class. Hence he discovered an answer for ensuring he get out of the bed to turn off the alarm.




Carefully putting the body lotion before the alarm clock is an awesome method to get up, except it can get very expensive and messy.



This is a painful method to get up in the mornings. In any event, at least the spines of cactus are relatively more painful than getting up to a normal alarm.



Well, making a hole in the wall to get the snooze button to work just doesn’t appear like a smart thought. Stay tuned to know more innovative idea to get up in the morning on the next page…