10 Funny Signs That Will Get You Confused AF!

Signs are set up to make things a bit more clear for us. To give us a clear instruction or state the whereabouts. But sometimes some signs cause more confusion blowing out our brains and creating more confusion. Here are 10 such funny signs that will get you confused “AF”.

#10 Funny HomeDepot restroom motivation


When HomeDepot puts up a motivational quote below Restroom sign “You can do it. We can help”. Well, HomeDepot I can do it myself and some privacy will be much appreciated.

#9 Feel free to touch but no Squeezing.



Well, when you know many people have misused those balls for all the wrong reason for sure you need to put up such a clear sign.

#8 When sarcasm helps


Sometimes sarcasm gets you so confused that it takes a while for you to understand what they actually mean. Well touching the surface can help us know which “HOT” they meant.

#7 When a school has confusing name


Schools are supposed to be the place where you go become smart. But some schools have such a funny name that even parents will think twice before enrolling their children in these schools. Here is one such name for you. Stay tuned for more on the next page…