10 Funny Stories From People Who Regretted Asking Help On The Internet

There are often few things which we hear and have no clue about it, while most of go on a quest to find an answer to those questions on the internet. However there are at times questions which we have for ourselves regarding life and we find no one to help us, the internet without a doubt has answers to even these questions and sometimes the answers get savage and hilarious that they become famous. Here is a list of epic stories who got trolled badly for their questions and should have regretted it the very second.

#10  Sudden death of a budding inventor


The guy was surely trying to make something new but got badly trolled by this man who thought him a real-life lesson in a funny way though. This really made my day lighter!

# 9 Is he your hypothetical boyfriend?



Seriously! where do these kinds of people exist? Having no clue where your relationship is heading is one thing but a third person surely arise a lot of questions.

# 8 Pretty much sums up the choices in order


Well, you started real classy and went a bit off track and then completely down the unexpected alley. The comment really summed up everyone’s reactions.

#7 For men only!


That’s all that you need men. Though most of the men fail on the first step itself. The other ones are sure difficult to follow too, ain’t it? For more funny answers turn to the next page..