10 Funny Yearbook Quotes That Are Irresistible To Laugh At

When it comes to yearbooks and composing that little quote alongside your photograph, it can be intense. It's simply not generally that simple to think about a quote for every one of your classmates to recall you with when you can't utilize a similar amount of images that are in a tweet. Which is the reason some of the time the outcome can, later on, be humiliating, comical, or just lame.

Yearbook captions are intense. They stick with some forever, and rarely surface on top of other batchmates’ memories. They could be hilarious, crazy, mean, emotional, or plain lame. Let’s take a look at some of the funny ones though.

1. Poor Ghufran! We Feel For Her


This is something out of the box to think about your classmate. This quote will surely be remembered by everyone in your batch.

2. High School Was A Game Of Survival For This Boy!



This guy just explained everything with those lines. He must have been on the hit list of the teachers so his school days were like hell. For more humorous picture click next.