Gaming consoles are the most interesting thing while playing video games. The companies pay attention to providing that ‘Aww’ feeling while playing a video game with the console. Video game consoles are shifting gears of technology with the speed of light. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are the leading companies in producing gaming console. But now other companies have also released their product, which can be a competition to this leading companies. Here are 10 gaming consoles that will blow your mind in 2018.

1. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro


Sony being leading company in producing a gaming console is going a realise PlayStation 4 Pro which is one of their bests creation as of now. Users will be able to experience changes in playing the games on this console.

2. Microsoft Xbox One S


Microsoft Xbox has all been a competition for Sony and in 2018 they are about to realise their best creation. This model of Xbox gives user 4K gaming and streaming experience, which also consist of 1300 games from the past to future.

3. Nintendo Switch


Playing games at home or any place in the world, Nintendo is the best. In 2018 Nintendo is going to realise it seventh major console ‘Switch’ which offers everything including face-to-face matches and online gaming for four players.

4. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim


Sony slim may not be as great as PlayStation 4 Pro, but it is great for gamers who have a certain budget for purchasing a console. The list is not over, stay tuned for more interesting console.

5. HTC Vive


The HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. The Vive headsets allow the user to cross the line of the real world and enter in virtual one which is something that most gamers look nowadays.

6. Corsair ONE


Corsair ONE is a console similar to PC which is made for the sole purpose of gaming. This console is fast powerful, fast and provides great visuals to the user. The device uses standard form factors which will help the users to upgrade with ease in the future. More of the interesting console awaits on next page.

7. Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift which is more of a virtual reality headset which provides great gaming experience.It is the perfect thing for someone who wants to get lost in games and also movies.

8. Nvidia Shield Portable


Nvidia has created a console that runs on Andriod. Its accuracy for hardcore gamers ranges from PC to Android. Next page consists of some more interesting Console that you may like.

9. Nintendo 2DS XL


Nintendo 2DS XL is the sixth device in the 3DS family which is a handheld device that consists of microSD card. Nintendo 2DS XL is a fluent graphics and powerful gaming capabilities.

10. Xbox One X


Xbox One X is one of the most amazing gaming consoles available in the world currently that offers 4K gaming experience.

Get ready for a mind-blowing 2018, and make up your mind for the console you intend to buy.