10 Gestures That Americans Perform That Are Not Acceptable Around The Globe

Have you at any point heard the Phrase “Ugly American?” It’s a nasty little moniker our European cousins have given to us for our inclination to appear to be uncultured and unrefined. While we need to deny it a hundred percent, we do, obviously, understand that there are cultures that we may not know about that could annoy others. Here are the awful ones.

1. Touching


Americans love their personal space too much. Countries in Asia and the middle east love their personal space much more. No touching especially between opposite sex.

2. Tardiness



In America same with many places, it’s ok to be fashionably late. Showing up in the party ten to twenty minutes late is considered good for the host.

3. Being early or on time


If you are late in Europe it’s considered rude. Being early or on time is considered rude in many parts of the world Especially in parts of Africa and South America.

4. Saying no to food


Offering food in many places like Africa, South America and in the Middle East is considered an extension of a person’s hospitality. Refusing this means you are refusing that person or the family. Click next for more.