10 Most Hilarious Comments Made By People Till Date!

Humor is a gift, not every person has the talent to make people laugh. It is a very rare talent that makes you a star attraction within minutes. Humor can be in almost all forms, types, places, etc possible! people usually have a habit of commenting on other people's post on social media, here we have 10 most hilarious comments made by people that will get you laughing! Read the article to know more... 

Well, we all feel sad every day. Can we come too?


Well, now we know why you keep feeling sad so frequently! That’s a good way to extort money from home!

That’s an easy question!


I used to be a pathological drizzle, and I really wanted to be bigger. Eat all garbage a lot, tried to move less, but nothing helped (no, not worms). And after 25 years I finally reached my goal, fat from all sides and I’m happy. So I’ll tell everyone – there’s nothing impossible! Achieve your goal!


It’s time to make some money!


Well since you have two extra kidneys, you better plan out which to use for drinking and which ones you can sell out! For more funny comments, read on Next Page…