10 Most Hilarious Comments Made By People Till Date!

Humor is a gift, not every person has the talent to make people laugh. It is a very rare talent that makes you a star attraction within minutes. Humor can be in almost all forms, types, places, etc possible! people usually have a habit of commenting on other people's post on social media, here we have 10 most hilarious comments made by people that will get you laughing! Read the article to know more... 

What are you, an Ostrich?


That Schrodinger certainly gets around, looks like the cat is trying to play Metal Gear Puss: Mouse Eater.

Looks like someone got a job!


The Oxford university seems really disappointed in their scientists and hence are desperate to hire this guy!


That was savage!


You should always be careful of who you call ugly in public, you might have a savage response coming your way!