10 Hilarious People Who Are Onto Something!

Ideas can strike anyone and everyone and sometimes even at unusual places. While the multimillionaire people are similar to these people with an insane idea. The only difference being their ideas really never work out for good and often land up in the list of trolls. Read the article to know more...

Best way to cure a hangover, ‘Pickle Popsicle!’


Seeing this new cure for a hangover one user asked, “How do you delete someone else’s post?” Another replied, “By ripping your eyeballs out.”

Couldn’t have thought of something like this, could you?


This is called a rep-rap printer. It is a community-sourced printed 3d printer, Self-sustaining 3D printer rental service.


A true control freak!


When you gotta control everything in your life at a single moment, you have to come up with a smart solution! Read more on the Next Page…