10 Hilarious Tweets About Dating That Will Make You Laugh And Cringe At The Same Time

Dating in the present era has a very different side as compared to a few years ago. People have become more casual and its really difficult to find true love these days. While most of us are busy handling our relationship a few people have plenty of time to go ahead and post their opinions on Twitter. Here is a list of tweets that will make you laugh as well as cry at the same time.

#10 Things You Choose To Listen


Sometimes people only listen to the things they want to. This here is a perfect example which is savage as well as smart at the same time.

#9 Even The Dog



Even the dog is ignoring her, what happened to the man’s best friend. Well, I have the answer to that, she is a girl you can’t blame the dog.

#8 Give me a hand


We all have faced this issue and don’t know what to do with our hands but clapping behind her head was a way too extreme. Sure there is a different way to make use of your hands.

#7 At Least Not alone


Well, if you are leaving with 2 guinea pigs you definitely need dating tips. The good thing is you are not alone, you got someone to share your time. Stay tuned for more on the next page…