10 Hilarious Tweets That Got Over 50K Retweets This Month

Sometimes you just tweet something on twitter and you somehow manage to get so many retweets to the same that you have never imagined. People tend to share some hilarious things on the internet and they don’t even realize it. Some simple things that turn into something hilarious are what people always want. Here are some retweets which you’ll surely read and laugh.

1. Ugly And Funny


This person thinks she has no notifications on Instagram though got some on Twitter. Being funny and not hot can be the results of this thing.

2. Relating Thing To Harry Potter



Just after seeing some words in a book you just relate it to Harry Potter books and you say that you are not a fan of harry potter.

3. Baskets Of Chips


When you have some really bad eating habits and you just cannot control then you’ll be ending up like SpongeBob in this picture.

4. Being Happy For The Partners



When you are so single in your life that you see things and end up being happy for them. Be it anything you just relate them and form a relationship for them. Click next.