10 Hilarious Tweets From This Week

Twitter is a platform to voice your thoughts and people take it really seriously. Whether those thoughts are worth is none of their concern they just use this opportunity to post things that frustrate them. Ideally, such tweets are often retweeted and legendary jokes are created them. Here is a list of this week’s hilarious tweets to make you laugh.

1. Being Comfortable


There are times when you get too much comfortable with your friends. You ask them questions which are rarely asked.

2. Dry Swallow Pills



Have you seen people who just take a pill and dry swallow it? They actually are packed with so much energy that you should stay away from them.

3. Savings Is Really Important


When you are working, you should always take things seriously and should do savings. Your Checking should always be less than your savings.

4. Murderer Lizard


The lizard is looking out of the window to the policemen who are maybe investigating a murder case. Lizard could have done something wrong maybe. Click next for more.