10 Kids That Can Make The Situation Awkward In No Time

#6 How To Teach This Kid


Got to be kidding me what in the world is this kid thinking and doing. The way the Barbie Doll been placed looks like some sort of ritual is going on.

#5 Loosing My Kid To The Darth Vader


The force in this kid is very strong when Darth Vader needs him in his army. The father present at the time said “My son got to meet Darth Vader. And when the Dark Lord of the Sith told him, ‘Join me, and I will complete your training.’ He reached out and held Vader’s hand! Should I be impressed, or concerned?”


#4 Realy An Accident


One thing that everyone should understand is there is no such thing as coincidence and accident. Everything has reason and answer. We just have to find why she was trying to bite her leg. Stay tuned for more on the next page…