10 Mind Blowing Text Fails That You Can Relate To.

We often come across messages in our day to day life. Sometimes mistakes are created due to errors in typing or sometimes technology acts smart than human brains. And this leads to giving us hilarious messages to laugh at. Here is a list of autocorrect fails to crack you up. Read the article to know more...

Now he knows what you really want!


‘PJ’ is right the first step is always denial. If you ever get such secrets out in front of your best friends never expect something good coming out of such shit!

You need to calm down!


This looks like she is in a constant battler with her auto correct on her phone! Take a breather before you make any more mistakes!


Poor Tina…


Autocorrect¬†sometimes can be so bad, it has the power make something like ‘tuna fish’ to something that destroys’s the life of Tina from accounting! For some more hilarious auto fails, read on Next Page…