10 Mind Blowing Text Fails That You Can Relate To.

We often come across messages in our day to day life. Sometimes mistakes are created due to errors in typing or sometimes technology acts smart than human brains. And this leads to giving us hilarious messages to laugh at. Here is a list of autocorrect fails to crack you up. Read the article to know more...

I’m sure that’s not a valid reason!


Good thing you aren’t talking to your teacher, coz I’m sure you being a prostitute wouldn’t be a considerable reason for not completing the papers!

Do you get those at Walmart!!!???


According to his phone’s autocorrect you now get vaginas in Walmarts too, EXCLUSIVELY! Autocorrect can be really weird sometimes!


No one’s ever meeting you again!


If you have kind of fantasies¬†going on in your head, no one’s ever gonna meet you again.